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RNDM_0014 – $12
26min 42sec

Baby Oil, Dildo and Deep Finger Fucking!
Here’s a bangin’ hot vid where I oil myself down, impale my pussy with a dildo then proceed to finger and fuck myself for your viewing pleasure! Wearing nothing but my stripper heels and a smile, this vid will be sure to get make you cum as many times as you can handle me!

RNDM_0013 – $10
8min 11sec

Soaking My Bod While Squirting!
Here’s another smokin’ hot vid for all of you squirting fans out there! In this one, I get right to it and squirt like a fucking sprinkler, all over my naked, tanned body! I spray absolutely soak myself, spraying all over my pussy, stomach tits, and even flinging it up to get it on my face and in my mouth. At one point I get it in my eyes, but I’m so horny and cumming so hard I don’t even care. Seeing my soaked bod is gonna have you getting off again and again to this vid!

RNDM_0012 – $15

Riding the Tremor and Squirting Through My Shorts!
I absoutely love this vid, mainly because it’s hot as fuck and gets really messy, lol. I start out in nothing but some side stripe shorts, grinding my snatch down on my Tremor, before stripping them off and showing my beautiful pussy get ravaged by this insane “not for amateurs” (haha) vibrator! I slip my shorts back on for a bit, and start massaging my cunt before letting my fingers dive in and get me to the point of squirting. I soak my shorts and make a huge mess, getting everything I can wet. I finally lose the shorts again, and spray hard as I cum and wipe it on my stomach, legs and tits. So yeah, if you haven’t seen how much of a squirter I am, you are in for a fucking delightful time! I can’t watch this vid without touching myself and cumming, and I know you’ll do the same!

RNDM_0011 – $10

Epic Squirting Vid!
This vid gets me so fucking wet every time I see it, and I love thinking back on just how good this felt! I had been so, so horny for days, and saved this one up…and it shows! I squirt like a damn lawn sprinkler, absolutely soaking everything in front of me. It literally looks like the stream from a hose spraying everywhere! I’m totally naked except for some socks, tanned, and have my fingers plunged into my so, so wet cunt. You can tell I just can’t get enough! If I’d have known I’d squirt so much, I would’ve done it all over my own face. Trust me, you’re going to want to see this!

RNDM_0010 – $4
1min 07sec

This short vid was way, way too good not to share! I’m being filmed while I get myself off, and and breathing and cumming hard! Fully naked, POV view of me looking down over my tits, showing me rub my Womanizer vibe on my clit and pussy until I get myself off. It’s a short and sweet clip guaranteed to make you blow your load to me!

RNDM_0009 – $16
33min 24sec

Watching & Fucking Myself in Fishnets With Flashing Butt Plug!
This is a fire vid that I loved filming, and I know you all are going to love! From time to time you know I love to get freaky, so what better way than to watch my own porn and get myself off at the same time? Recorded from a side view, I bust out some dildos, including my Bad Dragon, stick them to a table top and proceed to get myself off over and over! I ride and grind on my dildos, stuffing every last inch that I can into my went cunt over again and again, cumming more times than I can even count. I then proceed to face them came, giving you a perfct view of my pussy being ravaged while I straddle and ride! The light up butt plug is just an extra added bonus, but I don’t think it’ll distract you too much from the pounding I give myself! The low-rise fishnets, however, may prove hard to ignore, so don’t cum too fast!

RNDM_0008 – $10
13min 16sec

Progressive Dildo 02
So, this is the second and final part of the Progressive Dildo series, and if you thought the first was amazing, then man are you in for some fun! As if the Mr. Marcus dildo wasn’t big enough, I step up the game for sure! Enter, Shane Diesel…literally (almost, his dildo, haha)! Over the years, he and I have become pretty good Twitter and texting buddies and stay in touch off and on. I put my pussy through the paces, fuck myself and riding it like I may actually do one day! Life goals, ya know? But wait, there’s more! I bust out my Bad Dragon, Ika! If you haven’t caught a vid of me using this absolute monster of a dildo, you’ve only been punishing yourself. This thing is long, wide and feels amazing when I ride it! It has these little suction tentacles that grip the inside of my pussy, and the feeling is pretty indescribable. I cum every single time I use this thing, and I guarantee you will too watching me ride it! The camera shots in this entire series are perfect, showing me push my snatch to the limits. Have fun, because when you watch this you’ll know that I did!

RNDM_0007 – $10
13min 28sec

Progessive Dildo
This video is hot as fuck, and you’ll appreciate why! I named this Progressive Dildo because I start off with a small-ish dildo (honestly, probably big for a lot of girls, lol) and work my way up in size! I absoutely get down on these things, slamming them into my pussy, riding and taking in every single inch, and providing some in your face cunt penetrating action! If you’re familiar with the porn start Mr. Marcus, his dildo is no match, just sayin’! This will most definitely becomeone of your go-to fav’s if you wanna rub one out and see me impaling myself! I love it, you will too…so treat yourself and just buy it, haha!

RNDM_0001 thru RNDM_0006 – $6

This is a six photo package of something I don’t show off very often…a landing strip, lol! I’ve had a few requests lately for photos of me unshaven. Well, that’s been a rarity since about my freshman year of high school, so about the best I can do is offer up some landing strip pics, lol! But, these are super hot, taken in a shower while grinding away on a fat dildo, then posing for a few afterwards. Originally included in my Limited Availability 2018 USB Holiday Drive sold on my site. Yes, there is video as well, so if there is enough interest I may eventually post that. Just giving you a few more choices for more content, so if you’re interested and this is your thing, you certainly will love these pics!

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