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HC_0368 – $17.99
Messy Handjob
5min 44sec

Ever wanted to see me give a messy handjob? Look no further, haha! This was a vid filmed spur of the moment that I came across that starts out with a quick BJ, and ends up with me stroking off a cock, ending exactly how you’d wish! I jerk it until he blows, cum dripping everywhere! This is a good ol’, straight-forward stroke sesh that’ll make you wish you were on the receiving end!

HC_0367 – $8.99
Letting a friend Cum on my Pussy
After swimming


Here is a vid that I recently came across from 2007 that I had totally forgotten about! It is short, but super hot! A friend of ours had been over to the house, hanging out, swimming and throwing back a few with us. Of course between the pool and hot tub, things always get a little flirtatious. We were wrapping things up and gonna grill out, so I went in to change out of my bikini and get dried off. I heard the back door open and assumed it was my man, so I didn’t think anything about it. So, I continued changing, and in walks our friend heading to the kitchen when he saw me through the bedroom doors, as I was standing their naked. I honestly didn’t really care, and didn’t bother closing the door. We started having a regular conversation, and I could see his dick hard in his swimsuit. I laid back on the bed, spread my legs and told him he could jerk off on my tan pussy if he wanted, and it didn’t take him anytime to pull it out and get to work. I let him record so he’d have a keepsake, and I’m sure that vid got used countless times afterwards! After he finished up and we went back out, I told my man what had happened, and he was just sorry he didn’t get to watch…but thankfully it was documented, haha! So, if you’ve ever dreamed of coating my cunt, here’s a good way to help visualize the fantasy!

HC_0366 – $45.99
Super Intense BBC Fucking and 3Way

Alright folks, here is another crazy BBC Fucking session that you are gonna want to add to your collection! If you have been a fan of the others, you are going to love this one! This video gets right to the good stuff, fucking right from the beginning. I ride that huge cock with everything I’ve got, giving you some amazing front and rear shots of me taking every inch and pounding away like my life depends on it! I then get flipped over and take it hard doggy style, sucking my mans cock at the same time for a few while cumming hard on that dick driving away in my cunt. Finally we all lay back in the bed, re-watching what we just filmed before I get my pussy cummed on. I’ve been holding on to this one for a while, so enjoy…you’re not gonna be disappointed!

HC_0365 – $39.99
Bad Dragon, Dildo Play, Fingering, Massive Squirting and Fucking
1 Hour

Coming in at one hour long, this is an intense video where I was definitely feeling the night. During this shoot, I just couldn’t get enough of my own pussy. There is a huge amount of toy play, including impaling my cunt down on to my Bad Dragon dildo. That thing is huge, and I love the feeling of being filled up and ramming down and feeling my snatch with as much of it as possible. You’re gonna be amazed at just how much I squirt, until I just can’t take anymore and have to be fucked. I ride cowgirl, both regular and reverse, facing the camera giving you an immaculate view of me getting as much action as I can before getting cummed in. After the fucking, I get fingered and you can hear me begin to squirt again, and it honestly all looks simply amazing. So, if you like me fucked, wet and messy, you’re going to want to see this!

HC_0364 – $49.99
Early BJ, Fucking, Reverse Cowgirl and Cumshot
12min 20sec

I recently came across one of the earlier hardcore vids that I shot back in the days when full nudity on my site was just becoming a thing, and way before any hardcore action was ever published. Wearing nothing but heels and leg warmers and shot after a cam session in 2007, I start off sucking dick for just a bit then get to business. I ride on top for a bit, then switch to reverse cowgirl facing the cam. I pound away until he pulls out and a I give a quick handjob until the money shot happens all over my hand and pussy. Definitely a must have addition for your collection! If you guys love seeing me doing things on cam that no one knew was happening behind the scenes, then this is for you!

HC_0363 – $49.99
Getting Fingered, Dick on Pussy Action and Cummed On at the Glory Hole!
24min 57sec

From the response I got to the pics, you guys are loving this latest glory hole series…and for good reason! I was feeling a little wild one night, so I put on a super slutty outfit that obviously meant I was up for a good time as soon as I walked into the establishment. Short green dress and no panties as I mentioned before, some fishnet stockings and boots. I’ve found that the oil is always a good look, so I brought that along as well. I proceed to go into the booth and immediately get to work putting on quite the show. I spread my legs, playing with my hairless pussy, shoving my fingers in rubbing the oil absolutely everywhere. Just to let any guys know that I meant business, my man goes over to the other side of the booth, goes in and proceeds to finger the hell out of me for a bit, just so the others waiting outside know I’m down for some fun. When my guy leaves the adjoining booth, there were a few guys outside waiting to get in. Next thing I knew, a new cock appeared through the hole and it was on. As I stated before, this new guy was married, clearly showing his gold wedding band in the footage while he plays with and fingers my cunt. This was getting me so hot that I stood with my pussy facing the hole and let him begin sliding his cock back and forth through my wet snatch, pre-cum dripping from the tip. I drop to my knees and begin stroking him off, before letting him erupt onto my hands and tits. Every time I go back and watch this one I can’t help but let my fingers find their way back to my wet pussy, and I’m sure you’re gonna do the same blowing load after load watching me do terribly filthy and taboo stuff that most girls aren’t in to. For all of you serious fans who have always longed to see me doing things like this, you’ve got to have this one for your collection! I just hope the next booth occupants didn’t slip on all the oil and cum that was left behind on the floor!

HC_0359 thru HC_0362 – $6
Cock Sliding Through my Pussy at the Glory Hole!
4 photos

Want even more of me in action at the glory hole? Well, here’s the second and final round of pics before the release of the video! This time, a different cock comes through the hole and I let him finger me before I stand up to the wall and let him slide his dick through my open pussy. It makes it even hotter because you can see the dude’s wedding band, knowing he is up to no good and has to go home to his wife. I then get on my knees and start stroking him off before he erupts! Definitely one of my sluttier moments, and you’re gonna wish it was you every time you see these pics!

HC_0354 thru HC_0358 – $6
Getting Fingered Through the Glory Hole
5 photos

Here’s the beginning of a new smokin’ hot, slutty series from the local glory hole! I wore a revealing short green dress with no panties (of course), fishnet stockings and some boots that night, and made sure to bring some baby oil and a filthy mind! I’ll go into way more detail when I post the vid, if y’all are interested and enough purchase the pics! But needless to say, this turned into one of the craziest nights I’ve had while letting guys watch and use my oiled up cunt at the hole!

HC_0353 – $29.99
First Glory Hole Jerk Off Session
2min 51sec

It seems that you guys can’t get enough glory hole action, and I won’t keep you on edge any longer. Here is the very first vid that I filmed while visiting a glory hole. I had never done anything like this before, and was a little nervous. Visiting a bar beforehand magically took away any anxiety I had, and within minutes of entering the booth I jerked off a random cock. I had messed around with friends before, but never made a stranger cum, never having seen his face or really spoken a word to him. So, if you wanna see my very first glory hole experience, be sure to check out this vid!

HC_0352 – $39.99
Fucking and Sucking a Friends Cock After a Photo Shoot
14min 37sec

As it often happens, we had been out and throwing a few back several years ago and ended up seeing a longtime friend. He ended up coming back to the house, and seeing as I was on somewhat of a deadline to get a photo and video shoot done for a customer, I figured I had just enough liquid courage built up to let him watch! While my man initially filmed the first part, our friend was off in the corner with his cock obviously growing in his shorts. I watched as he took it out and started stroking, and gave him the look to come on over. My man turned the camera over to our friend, and I proceeded to let him video while I rode his cock giving him the fucking I knew he’d always dreamed about. So many of my guy friends have wanted to fuck me, but never had the nerve to bring it up. Obviously I was down for whatever, so he was on the receiving end of one of the best nights of his life. I rode him cowgirl, then proceeded to suck his cock until I knew he was gonna blow. I got down on my knees and let him glaze my face with a nice load, then sent him on his way to probably jerk off for the rest of the night, lol!

HC_0345 thru HC_0351 – $8
Sucking a Friends Cock After a Photo Shoot
7 Photos

This was a pretty wild night that happened to me several years back, and if you’re a fan of seeing me turn on my slut game, you’re gonna love these pics! I’ll post more to the story with the vid, but let’s just say that apparently when I let someone watch one of my photo/video shoots, things get interesting! If enough of ya purchase the pics, I’ll definitely be posting the video next!

HC_0344 – $29.99
fucking my shane diesel dildo before
BJ & Riding cowgirl

19min 10sec

This vid started out as a photo shoot of me in tiny jean shorts and heels, before moving on to absolutely railing my pussy with my buddy Shane Diesel’s huge dildo! Of course after all of that, I just can’t take it anymore and have to start fucking for real. I do some of my best riding, and you are going to love seeing how I grind when I’m on top! After some intense fucking, I flip around to my hands and knees and take a massive cumshot across the face and spraying onto my shoulder, lol. So if you love seeing me impale my pussy and do some intense fucking, you’re definitely going to want to add this to your collection!

HC_0339 thru HC_0343 – $6
Sucking cock & facial in Ray-bans 04
 5 photos

Final five photos from this series of me licking the cum off my fingers, plus an amazingly hot pic of me leaned back and spread out looking fire as fuck (if I do say so myself)!

HC_0333 thru HC_0338 – $6
Sucking cock & facial in Ray-bans 03
6 photos

More cumshot pics, with me sucking dick and licking my lips and fingers trying to get every drop!

HC_0327 thru HC_0332 – $6
Sucking cock & facial in Ray-bans 02
6 photos

More hot cock sucking and cumshot pics!

HC_0321 thru HC_0326 – $6
Sucking cock & facial in Ray-bans 01
6 photos

Okay guys and girls, here comes a series of pics for you BJ lovers out there! If you love seeing me with a cock in my face and cum dripping off of my body, then these pics are for you.

HC_0320 – $39.99
Glory Hole Dildo Play, Oil, Squirting, Fingering and Massive Cum Shot!
1hr 4min

I’ve had a lot of requests for more glory hole content, so who am I to keep you waiting any longer? After a wild night of partying and throwing a few back, I was feeling wild enough to head up to the local glory hole and put on an exhibition. Dressed in purple fishnets, knee socks and my CK thong and bra, I grabbed the largest booth they have and went to work. I even thought it would be a brilliant idea to bring oil and grease my bod down. I’m sure the next patrons maybe disagreed with that because the floor got super slippery, but I didn’t care. I end up fingering and pounding away at my pussy, leaving the booth door open so guys could stand there and watch, jerking it to me. Between the guys looking through the door on one side, and guys taking turns looking through the hole from the adjacent booth, I was being watched by more than I could count. I spread my pussy for everyone to see, even getting super filthy and laying in the floor while I pound my cunt. I go at this vid for over an hour, before finally taking an insanely long and large cumshot from a dude. This is one of the most raw vids I’ve ever posted…I didn’t care how hot, or oiled and dirty I got, not to mention how many times I spread my pussy for perfect strangers to jerk it to. It was one of those nights I had to be escorted by to my vehicle because so many were wanting to take me home, lol. But I was there for one reason, to make as many guys as horny as I could, to get myself off and get cum blasted. So all in all, I call it a great night, lol!

HC_0319 – $19.99
morning fuck and Cumshot 2017.09.27
8min 15sec

After a night of filming some material, we were still in the mood to fuck! So we figured why not just record more footage! I start out with some vibe action, then proceed to jump on top and ride for a bit before being flipped over and take a cumshot to my pussy. There’s nothing like sex early in the morning to start your day off right!

HC_0318 – $24.99
letting a friend blow his load on me
09min 40sec

At this point you all know I’m a cum lover, so when the opportunity presents itself to have a random load blown all over my pussy, how can I turn it down? We had a friend over a while back and ended up throwing a few drinks back and watching porn. Of course inhibitions were lowered, and I decided strip down, spread my legs and put on a show. I played with my cunt while I let him film and jerk his cock, giving him the show of his life. Obviously he could only take so much, before absolutely blowing a huge load all over my pussy and thighs. I then proceed to keep fingering myself, rubbing his cum in and spreading it all over my now dripping cunt. This one makes me wet every time I see it, and I know it’s gonna get you off wishing it were you!

HC_0317 – $19.99
riding and bouncing on my BBC Friend
2min 08sec

Here’s a quick vid that’s just way, way too hot to not share! Our BBC friend had been over for a night of partying, watching porn and ‘bating. But, before he had to head off to work the next morning I decided to give him a send off to give him something to think about during his work day, lol! My man had already fallen asleep, but fortunately had left several cameras running in various spots in the living room…because, let’s face it, he knew what would probably go down anyway. We banged it out pretty quick, because I didn’t wanna wake anyone up, haha. So, if you’re a fan of seeing me do slutty stuff, and be excellent at it, look no further!

HC_0316 – $19.99
public beach quick blowjob and fuck
3min 57sec

So, this is my first-ever sex in public vid! While on vacation, we were at a pretty secluded public beach, the weather was great, and of course I was horny as usual! With some people a couple hundred yards away, I decided I’d get a little wild and give a quick BJ. Of course that wasn’t enough, so I hopped on top and proceeded to fuck! We had to be careful, so this is a short vid at 4 minutes, but it is oh so worth it! I get off his dick just in time to get the cumshot to my pussy and continue sucking, getting cum on my face. You’ll be a fan of this, I guarantee!

HC_0315 – $39.99
squirting, masturbating and fucking in my Parents beach house bed
20min 11sec

You can always leave it up to me to make a family vacation interesting, and my trip last year to Cocoa Beach was no exception! After a day out on the beach, I decided to return back up to the house a few minutes ahead of my parents, brother and sister-in-law. As you walk back up the path and enter the secluded part of the property, there is an elevated deck…not easily seen from the beach, but viewable from an adjacent high-rise. Well as you know me by now, I thought this a perfect opportunity to break out a dildo (perfectly matching my pink bikini), and fuck myself until I’m about ready to squirt. Not one to leave any surface too dry, I let my cunt rain down on the deck, soaking it like a quick rain shower, lol. I head back up to the house and proceed to use the outdoor shower, getting naked, again in full view of the condos next door (if they were lucky enough to be looking out). After showering off the sand (and squirt), I head in to the house…opting to go the more taboo route and use my parents bed instead of my own! I spread out my naked tan body on their bed, working over my pussy and letting the moment sink in that I’m masturbating where my parents sleep. Of course, you know I’m not gonna end there and have to get fucked, riding on top then flipping over to take a load on my ass and pussy. So yeah, I’d call it a productive session that would’ve absolutely appalled my family, and making me wet all at the same time! If you don’t enjoy this one, you’re a bit too straight-laced, haha!

HC_0314 – $45
Party night hookup with a new friend
38min 33sec

So, as many of my wild nights start, my man and I had been out having some drinks and throwing some darts. We ended up playing with a guy that had just moved to our area, and quickly became comfortable talking openly about my site and what we do for a living. He had never been to one of our local strip clubs, so we all went out, watched some girls dance and continued having some drinks and good times. Of course, we could all already tell where the night was headed,so we went back to our place and continued the fun. What transpired was a night of my man watching me suck dick, get my pussy eaten out and of course some fucking! The dude (I still can’t remember his name, which is pretty wild and adds to the slut factor, lol) had never been filmed before, so the camera was something new to him. But, as you’ll see, he didn’t care and proceeded to use my body like a play toy. We go back and forth between sucking, licking and fucking, culminating with me riding him on top until I let him cum inside me. Once I got on top for the final time, I don’t think he could take anymore and it just happened before I could even jump off…all testament to the power of my pussy, haha! Seriously though, you’re gonna love this vid, one of the few where you see me eaten out and the looks on my face enjoying it all! So enjoy, because obviously I did!

HC_0313 – $19.99
Toyplay, Throat FucK & Massive Cumshot
16min 12sec

This was a customer requested video from back in the day, and it was way, way too hot not to share! After some intense toy play and working over my pussy, it was time to let my mouth be used as a personal fuck toy. I essentially get throat fucked until he cums again all over my face and neck while I’m hanging off the edge of the bed upside down, absoultely cum covered and feeling used like a doll. If you love seeing me glazed, this will be right up your alley!

HC_0312 – $24.99
BBC Glory Hole BJ
20min 23sec

Sales stats show that you guys love the glory hole vids…so who am I to keep you waiting? Here’s one from a while back where I ended up having some fun, and sucking my first BBC! The night started off out having a few drinks, and of course I wasn’t ready for the party to end. You never know who you’ll end up meeting, but I wasn’t disappointed! I let a guy in my booth just to watch while my man was filming me stroking off another cock that had come through the hole. But, curiosity got the best of me, and I had to see what the guy that had walked in was working with. Once I saw his cock, I couldn’t help myself and dropped to my knees to work him over. It was my first time sucking BBC, and well, you know how that ends up from my other hardcore vids available! I kind of think he knew who I was, so this was huge experience for him, lol! You’re gonna love this one, because I know if I go back and watch it repeatedly, you will too!

HC_0311 – $29.99
Sucking, Squirting and Fucking
Under the Bridge Video
29min 22sec

Liked the pics? Then you’re gonna love this nearly 30 minute video of me sucking dick, squirting, fucking doggy style, sucking dick and getting absolutely rained down on with cum! While under the bridge we could hear so many morning walkers and joggers crossing over above, and the fear of getting caught was a rush that is hard to match any other way! We were working on our fitness alright, just in a very pornographic way, lol! This is another hot ass video proving that you may never know what’s going on around you when you’re out and about! There could be some sex craved cam girl needing dick lurking around the corner, haha!

HC_0307 thru HC_0310 – $7
Sucking Cock Under the Bridge
4 Photos

A while back I had released a photo of me sucking dick under a local bridge, and so many of you wanted more. Well, you’re gonna get your wish! I couldn’t remember where I had transferred all of the content, and I’m so glad to announce I came across it! My man and I decided to go out for an early morning walk on a local trail last fall, and thought it a brilliant idea to sneak off the path and head under a foot bridge. As we could hear others jogging, walking and talking above us, I was down on my knees giving a pretty epic blowjob, preparing to squirt, get fucked doggy style and cummed on. After seeing these pics, you’re gonna wish that it was you on the receiving end of my mouth! Public sex is always such a rush, and these session was no exception!

HC_0306 – $9.99
Cumming & Getting Cummed on while
Watching Myself at the Glory Hole
2min 38sec

We all know it’s hot to watch a girl playing with her pussy and cumming, right? How could you make it hotter? Well I think I did, lol! After a glory hole visit, we came straight home and watched back what we had filmed that night…and of course I couldn’t help myself! I’m laid out on the couch, watching myself be a slut up on the big screen, working over my cunt and enjoying the events that had just unfolded not half an hour before! As I’m getting off, my man jerks a huge load all over my pussy, coating my cunt and thighs! You’ll even see some shots of me getting my snatch played with and fingered from a random guy as he sticks his hand through the hole to probably feel one of the best things he ever has in his life, lol. And who knows, if enough of you purchase, I may even feel generous and post the entire glory hole footage filmed that night! And just to clarify, this is a completely different visit than any previous glory hole footage I’ve released. Videos like this are rare of me, so don’t miss out!

HC_0305 – $19.99
Pre-Show BJ & Fuck
10min 12sec

Love seeing me work my pussy, suck dick and get fucked doggy style? Then you’re gonna love this vid! Before one of my cam shows started, we were both so horny we figured why not get in a quick session before the on-cam action started! I give my cunt some personal attention before sucking cock then having my pussy fingered and fucked. I get pounded doggy style, then take a massive cum shot all over my ass and snatch! It always made me so hot knowing I was cum covered before actually getting to “work” on cam, lol! It’s even hotter when this was in my non-hardcore days…I’m so glad I filmed shit like this on the side! So if you’re a fan of hot tan bods and a cum drenched asshole and pussy, you’re definitely gonna have some fun with this one!

HC_0304 – $9.99
Sucking and Jerking Cocks
at the Glory Hole
4min 49sec

Here’s another amazingly hot and slutty vid that I came across in the mass amount of content I have stored away! After a night out chilling with some friends and having some drinks, my man and I decided to stop by the local glory hole to see what kind of action I could get in to. As usual, the night was a success and I had some fun sucking some dick and jerking off another at the same time. This vid was way too hot not to share, and I guarantee that you’re not going to disagree!

HC_0303 – $29.99
First BBC Experience Video
3min 42sec

So after the huge response to the pics, here is the vid of my very first BBC experience! As I’ve said, years of sexual tension had built up and it was time to get at it and sink my pussy down on that big dick! I’m so glad we recorded this, as the raw, amateur sexual nature of this scenario really comes through in this video. You’re gonna love seeing me still dressed in my cam show fishnets and heels, and taking that cock balls deep!

HC_0302 – $4
First BBC Experience Pic 04
1 Photo

Here is the final pic of me laid out and spread, still dressed in my cam show slut gear getting absolutely pounded by our BBC friend for the very fist time! He was worried he was gonna hurt me with that big dick, but years of impressively sized dildos had trained me for this very moment…getting completely railed!

HC_0301 – $4
First BBC Experience Pic 03
1 Photo

Here’s another pic of me taking BBC for the first time while my man watches on and snaps pics! I’m spread again, taking it balls deep and trying to process the fact that this is actually happening, finally!

HC_0300 – $4
First BBC Experience Pic 02
1 Photo

If you liked the first pic, you’re gonna love see me legs spread and getting drilled by that BBC! I take that dick balls deep, and let him try to split me in half. So yeah, it’s super hot being appreciated and used at the same time…you’re gonna love this one!

HC_0299 – $4
First BBC Experience
1 Photo

So, I just came across a folder containing the very first time I had an experience with our BBC friend! This all went down after a cam show one night where I was still in my heels and fishnets, and we threw back a few shots, lol. One thing led to another, and we all figured why the hell not, just do it! Years of sexual tension had built up since we’ve all been friends for years, so we figured why not just have some fun and go for it. So here is an amazing shot with me laid down, legs spread and letting him sink his thick cock into me for the first time while my man watches!

HC_0298 – $12.99
Watching Porn and Getting Cummed on
18min 58sec

As you should know by now, one of my favorite past times is watching porn and cumming…and by now, I’m a fucking pro at it! Throw in a butt plug and me getting my pussy played with and fingered, and then its a party, haha! This is a pretty long vid of me ‘bating my cunt while I’m getting filmed and watched, providing some real-life eye candy to use a a perfect cum canvas! There’s just something about a guy watching me, then blowing his load that is so satisfying, knowing he’s getting off to me getting myself off at the same time! Watching a girl masturbate is one of the hottest things in the world to me, and I don’t think you’ll ever dispute that as you see me cum hard and get used!

HC_0297 – $19.99
Blowing a Friend in my Bedroom
7min 10sec

Here’s a vid I came across from years ago that I totally forgot about! After my man and I went out to a bar, we ran into a friend that we’d not seen in years. We invited him back to the house for some drinks, and after a few shots things got a little interesting. While my guy was getting more drinks together, I decided to show our buddy around the house, and took him to the bedroom to show off where all my cam shows had been filmed. Next thing I knew, he’d sat down in a chair and was just watching me walk around…I took that as a sign, so with my man in the kitchen, I dropped to my knees and started unbuttoning his jeans. Of course, his cock was ready and I knew I could get the job done! I sucked his dick until he blew all over my face and shirt, lol. I just had to do a quick wipe down before we returned to the kitchen, tour of the house complete! I had him send me the vid he recorded so I could share with my man later that night, and of course I got fucked and scolded, but it made for some amazing reclamation sex, haha! You’re gonna love the slut factor of this one, no doubt!

HC_0296 – $29.99
BBC Fucking & 3some Vid
4min 40sec

This is what you have been waiting for, the vid of me sucking BBC cock and riding it like you know I love to do! While filming, my man jerks off and walks over, blowing his load onto my while I’m fucking my friend! Probably one of the craziest, freaky things we’ve done…but you know how it goes in the heat of the moment. When you’ve gotta cum while watching your girl get fucked, you just can’t hold out any longer and let it fly! After getting cummed on, I continue to ride and grind on that huge rod, enjoying every second of what has been happening! You’re gonna absolutely love this one!

HC_0294, HC_0295 – $6
BBC Fucking Pics 02
2 Photos

Here are the final two pics of me riding on top of my BBC friend, taking it all balls deep in my pussy!

HC_0292, HC_0293 – $6
BBC Fucking Pics
2 Photos

Here are a couple more pics, this time me mounting up cowgirl, showing that thick BBC dick sliding into my wet and ready cunt!

HC_0290, HC_0291 – $5
BBC Dick suck Pics
2 Photos

Alright folks, here’s another 3some session with my BBC friend, and it is another that will not disappoint! After another night of hanging out, watching lots of my vids and lots of porn, none of us could take it anymore and the sexual tension had built as always! So, I drop to my knees and take that thing cock into my mouth. I know lots of you are fans of seeing me with other guys, so here is your chance to see another amazing session!

HC_0289 – $19.99
Caught on Cam
5min 42sec

So here is a super rare vid unlike anything I’ve ever released before, and it is HOT! After a night of partying with our BBC friend, it was early in the morning and we were about to wrap things up. So, my man decided it was a good time to take the dog out since he’d been in all night. Knowing full well what would probably happen if our friend and I were to be left alone, my guy left one of the indoor security cams recording, and he was not disappointed! Almost as soon as he was out of the door, I jumped on my friends big cock and gave him one more private ride, and seeing me go at it and pound away was definitely a super slutty way to wrap up the long night! I ride until I get off hard one more time, then jump up to start getting dressed, lol. You’ve never seen anything like this from me, and you’re gonna absolutely blow it when you see!

HC_0288 – $19.99
fingered, fucked & Massive Cumshot
1min 51sec

Apparently OnlyFans doesn’t want me to distribute the video of me getting f-i-s-t-e-d, due to “community guidelines.” But, that’s not to stop me from showing the rest of the action where I get fingered, squirt, fucked and absolutely cum covered! I managed to get the pics posted of the full action, so be sure to check out the entire series if you love seeing me get my pussy filled! The massive load says it all, so enjoy!!!

HC_0281 thru HC_0287 – $7
fisting & fucking Pics 03
7 Photos

Final set of pics of me getting fucked and absolutely cum blasted! I take a load from pussy to face, getting sprayed with a massive load! This is one of the biggest cum shots I’ve taken in quite a while! Needless to say, this was quite the finale to a long session of having my pussy worked over and fucked!

HC_0275 thru HC_0280 – $5
fisting & fucking Pics 02
5 Photos

Here’s the second set, featuring some more f-i-v-e finger action plus a shot of me getting my soaking wet pussy fucked! This was definitely a wild time, and you’re gonna love seeing me getting it!

HC_0270 thru HC_0274 – $5
Fisting & Fucking Pics 01
4 Photos

Here’s a set filmed over the weekend that absolutely deserves to be seen ASAP! After a wild night out for my man’s birthday, we came back and got freaky. After a lot of fingering and playing around, he managed to get f-i-v-e fingers into my dripping wet cunt, and the shots came out amazing! So check out these first pics, and lemme know what you think. I gotta say, my pussy looks hot getting stuffed!

HC_0269 – $39.99
FUcking at a Friends House Vid
45min 39sec

So here it is, the full vid of Fucking at a Friends House! This is a long one, and you’re gonna love every minute of it! I do some toy play with a butt plug, my Shane Diesel Dildo, fuck and get fucked, blasted with a huge cumshot, and even play around a little more afterwards riding a dildo and fucking myself in the shower. Our friend never had any clue that we had fucked on his bed or filmed any footage in his home, but every time we visit we always know we have a secret, lol. If you love seeing me sucking, fucking and getting absolutely cum covered, this one is for you!

HC_0266 thru HC_0268 – $6
Fucking at a Friends House Pics 02
3 Photos

Here are three more hot ass pics, featuring me spread and getting my pussy fucked, then a massive cumshot to my cunt and stomach! These are something you most definitely do not want to miss!

HC_0263 thru HC_0265 – $6
Fucking at a Friends House Pics 01
3 Photos

A while back a friend asked us to watch after his house while he was away on vacation…so what better time to take advantage and film a sex vid using his shower and bedroom?! Here are a few pics to start you off, featuring me in some stripper heels, face down and ass up on his bed with a jeweled butt plug in! Of course I had to get a little freaky, so I broke out my huge Shane Diesel dildo and went to town on my snatch, before getting on my knees and sucking dick. You’re gonna love this series, guaranteed!

HC_0262 – $49.99
11min 26sec

Alright, here’s what so many of you have been waiting for…the 3some BBC fuck sesh! As you have seen from the pics, this was one of the wildest times I have had, and it is not going to let you down. After some intense dick sucking and pussy play, I get my cunt railed by a huge cock. The sounds I’m making alone will be sure to get you off, but seeing that cock slide into my snatch will having you blowing load after load. This cock is thick, and my pussy wraps tight around the shaft giving you some views like you’ve never seen before. Don’t look at this as a purchase, but rather an investment in your spank bank that’ll keep you satisfied whenever you need to see me at my sluttiest!

HC_0257 thru HC_0261 – $8
cock stuffed & cummed on
5 Photos

Here we go, the final five pics from the 3some session! Three amazing pics of me getting my pussy railed by my BBC friend, then I finally let my man whip it out again and cum on my pussy after having watched me have the life fucked outta me, lol! I’m so thrilled that so many of you have loved this series…perverts 😀

HC_0254, HC_0255, HC_0256 – $7
two cocks & a stuffed cunt
3 Photos

Alright guys, here are three more seriously amazing shots from the 3some sesh! I’ve got my hand barely wrapped around my BBC friend’s cock, another getting throat fucked by my man, and a badass closeup of my tight snatch getting stretched by that good ol’ BBC rod, lol! You are guaranteed to blow your load on these. If these don’t brighten your day and corrupt your mind, you may have some issues, haha!

HC_0251, HC_0252, HC_0253 – $7
Fingered & Fisted
3 Photos

Here are three more pics from my 3some session with our friend where I let him finger my wet pussy and get nearly his entire f-i-s-t in. If you love seeing me fuck around with other guys, this set of pics is not gonna let you down!

HC_0249, HC_0250 – $6
throat fucked
2 photos

Alright, you better buckle up girls and guys, because I’m about to post some pics that will blow your mind! Starting off, here are a couple of me getting throat fucked. Many of you have asked for stuff like this, so here’s your chance to see! These next several pics are from a 3some with my BBC friend where I get throat fucked, fingered (and that’s putting it lightly) and fucked like a total slut, then take a massive cumshot to the pussy!

HC_0248 – $25
01min 51sec
riding my bbc friend

So, I recently came across some session content that so many of you have been asking about! After an all-night partying session after a cam show and watching some porn with our friend, I decided to put on a riding tutorial and let him see what I was working with. Wearing a one-piece see thru fishnet bodysuit, I hop on top of his huge cock and ride him until I let him cum inside! This is a short vid, but you will bust your load fast! So for those of you wanting to see me fuck someone else besides my man, this one is definitely for you!

HC_0247 – $3
under the bridge bj
1 Photo

Here’s a pic I ran across that was way to super hot not to share! One day recently we went for a walk and came across a bridge on the trail. So, perfect opportunity for a blowjob outside, right? We would hear other people walking across above us, but that didn’t stop me from getting down on my knees and sucking cock. If enough of ya purchase, I may just post the vid as well. Regardless, you’re gonna love this one!

HC_0246 – $29.99
05min 06sec
8″ Heels, Big Black Dildo, Fucking & Massive Cumshot!

If ya liked the pics, then you’re absolutely gonna love the vid! Great full body profile shots from the side where I ride on top both laying down and cowgirl, then get flipped over and take it up my dripping wet cunt from behind. He wears my pussy out until he can’t hold back anymore and blows a massive load all over my ass and back while I wiggle around. Every time I watch this vid I get soaked, so I know you’re gonna cum hard watching me take it!

HC_0242 thru HC_0245 – $9
Riding & Getting fucked Doggy Style
4 Photos

As many of you know, I have quite the collection of content stored, and here is something that I came across that I just had to share! Here are some pics from a session I did where I do some riding on top then get my pussy pounded doggy style! This is smokin’ hot, not to mention the soft lighting and colors really make this a sexy shoot!

HC_0241 – $7
Random Cock at the gloryhole
1 Photo

So, I don’t share these a lot, but here’s a random pic of me sucking off a hung dude at the local Glory Hole. He shoved his fat cock through the hole, and I couldn’t help but invite him over to my little room! You know you wish it was you…maybe one day, if you find the right place and the right time, it will be!

HC_0240 – $5
Drilled From Behind
1 Photo

Here’s a pic that I just ran across that was way, way too fucking hot not to share! I’m getting my pussy filled by a friend while my man watches, and I can’t believe I’ve not posted it yet! It was one of those wild, fucked up nights where anything went…and as you’ll see, a fat cock went right up my cunt!

HC_0239 – $40
24min 27sec
8″ Heels, Big Black Dildo, Fucking & Massive Cumshot!

So here’s this smokin’ hot vid of me showing off my 8″ stripper heels, working my cunt over with a vibe and one of my all-time fav dildos, big black, haha! After I give my pussy a workout, I flip over to my back, hanging my head off the edge of the bed and suck cock until I roll to my back and take it until he blows, absolutely covering me from tits to snatch! You’re gonna love my writhing body and faces I make, guaranteed to make you cum hard! You’ll see by the looks I’m giving that I loved every second of it!

HC_0236, HC_0237, HC_0238 – $5
3 Photos

Final three pics of the aftermath, me sprawled out and covered from tits to pussy with a huge cumshot!

HC_0234, HC_0235 – $4
2 Photos

Two hot ass pics of me getting fucked, legs crossed up showing off my 8″ stripper shoes and his cock sliding in, and my cum blasted bod!

HC_0232, HC_0233 – $4
2 Photos

It has been a while since my last new hardcore update, so here we go! Here a couple of pics sucking cock and waiting to get fucked!

HC_0231 – $35
18min 28sec
Fucked from Behind, Ass Play & Huge Cum Shot!

Toy play, leading into me getting fucked from behind, then blowjob, and then me back on top riding reverse cowgirl. Then, I take a vibe in my ass while still getting fucked, ending with a cumshot on my ass and pussy, and I grind around on the cum-covered cock. If you know me at all by now, you know I love to be fucking cum covered and messy…the more you trash me, the harder I cum!

HC_0229 & HC_0230 – $6
2 Photos

Final two pics from this shoot, showing the wreck he made of me with cum everywhere on my ass…I love to see ass and pussy wrecked with cum, the filthier the better!

HC_0227 & HC_0228 – $6
2 Photos

Two smokin’ hot pics, one of a dick erupting after fucking me from behind with a sweet roping cumshot spraying, and another of the filthy mess of cum smeared over my ass.

HC_0225 & HC_0226 – $6
2 Photos

Here are a couple of pics of me riding on top, reverse cowgirl…one shot taking a dick in my pussy, then another with a vibe in my ass and cock in my snatch!

HC_0223 & HC_0224 – $6
2 Photos

Two pics of me taking it from behind with a cock sliding into my cunt!

HC_0222 – $35
12min 12sec
Riding and sucking until he explodes

So, this is a super hot vid, and one of the first I’ve done like this! Totally naked, I ride cowgirl for a while, pounding my snatch down on his cock like a mad woman. I then switch over to expertly sucking his dick until he just can’t take it anymore. But, here’s where it gets freaky, lol. I lay down on my back, throw my legs over my head and let him absolutely blast my pussy, giving me a perfect view of the action and feeling the cum drip down on my face. I finish up by sucking every drop off his cock. So yeah, you’re for sure gonna love this one!

HC_0221 – $35
13min 51sec
First Cock Edging

This is the first ever vid I have done of this nature, and it turned out so hot! Requested by one of my long-term customers, I stroke, suck and play with his cock from beginning to end! Focusing only on making him cum, I take his dick from soft to hard, to erupting…slowly teasing the whole time until he just can’t take anymore. Filmed in POV format, you can only imagine what it would be like to be on the receiving end until you blow your load! One of the more intimate vids I have filmed, you can tell we both enjoyed from the sounds he makes and the smile on my face at the end!

HC_0220 – $45
23min 13sec
Post Workout Suck & Fuck

This vid is a vid that I myself have been wanting to do for quite a while! So, I had some workout pants that had a tiny hole in the crotch from so much deadlifting and squatting, and figured I’d take advantage! I wore them to the gym, and carefully did my workout, lol! This set includes several workout clips of me in action, then I come home and rip them open and get to work! I start off with some super hot toy play action, including my vibe and big Mr. Marcus dildo. I then move on to some bj action before mounting up and riding dick! Filmed from multiple angles, you see me ride on top both regular and reverse cowgirl, full face shots of me in action, and plenty of moaning while I get off multiple times! I finally take a big cumshot while laying on my back on my pussy and stomach. After you see the vid, needless to say it’ll be obvious that I was looking forward to this filming! The torn pants look super slutty, as if the sucking and fucking didn’t take care of that by itself!

HC_0219 – $19.99
9min 06sec
2006 After-Chat Bj-Fuck

So, I know a lot of you have been fans for a long, long time…and had always wished to see me sucking and fucking. Even though I rarely did it on cam, I did of course record footage from back then! This hot as hell video features some classic cam show shots, followed by great footage waist-down of me grinding and riding reverse cowgirl in a barely-there skirt. Man tan, smooth as fuck pussy looks amazing grinding around on his dick, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten of watching this! Everyone will love this, especially if you’ve always wanted to see what really went on behind the scenes in Katie’s World, haha!

HC_0218 – $24.99
18min 20sec
Office Finger Fuck, BJ, Fucking & Cumshot!

This vid is as hot as it sounds from the title! I play with my cunt using a glass dildo and finger myself before sucking dick, getting fucked (both me on top and from behind), fingered and taking an excellent cumshot to the stomach and tits! It’s a great load for all you cum lovers, the number one lover of it being yours truly, haha! This is a sexy ass video that has a great amateur feel!

HC_0217 – $19.99
14min 41sec
Watching Porn, Getting Railed & Cum Blasted!

So as you probably know, one of my favorite past times is watching porn and fucking. I mean, where can you go wrong with that? I take it from behind for a bit before flipping over and using my vibe on my oh so wet pussy. After I just can’t take it anymore, that cock slides in and I take it until he absolutely blasts me with a huge load. If you love seeing me getting off and cum-covered, you don’t wanna miss out on this one!

HC_0216 – $45
31min 59sec
Public Fucking While Hiking

Okay, so this may be the riskiest video shoot I have ever done. I knew I was taking a chance, but didn’t know just how much until I was done…so read on till the end! I love the outdoors, but have never really filmed a full-on shoot while hiking, until now! This vid starts off with me walking through the woods, just being natural and doing what I love to do…this actually may be the first time you really ever see me walk so long, lol. Anyways, after hiking four miles deep, we finally find a private spot to set up. From there, it’s on! I spread out a blanket and start going at it on myself…first with my shorts on, then of course the come off. I play with my pussy until I strip down totally naked, leaving only my hiking boots on. Not sure about you, but I LOVE girls wearing nothing but boots. After that, it is unavoidable that a BJ needs to be given. And as usual one thing has to lead to another after he feels my lips wrapped around his cock. So, for the first time ever on cam I get fucked in the woods. I sit down on his dick, grinding around, and giving you two different angles of me fucking…one from the back, and one from the front. Fortunately we took a tripod, so you don’t miss any of the action! I finish up sucking on his cock again until he blows his load, with me licking and sucking all along the way. This entire set is filmed from two angles, giving you all the shots you love. We thought we were being super discrete and careful, but little did we know that until we finished and continued back on the trail that it wound back around to within TWENTY FEET of where we were filming! There were other hikers on the mountain that day, so thankfully we picked the right time and weren’t seen, haha! The risk factor was a definite turn-on, and I’m already planning on doing more like this. This is for sure a rare addition to your private collection. The natural lighting, public factor and sheer risk of it all make this a smokin’ hot set! I for sure got my cardio in for this one…eight miles total plus some great masturbation and fucking!

HC_0213,HC_0214, HC_0215 – $5
3 Photos

Final three shots of me sucking cock and swallowing a load while out on the hiking trail! There is nothing like the rush and thrill of potentially getting caught, and getting away with it, lol!

HC_0210, HC_0211, HC_0212 – $5
3 Photos

Thanks so much for the huge response to this shoot! Here are three more pics of me out on the hiking trail sucking cock and ready to take that load! This shoot was such a rush knowing that we could’ve been easily discovered (even more so than I originally thought…we had no idea we were so close to the main trail)!

HC_0207, HC_0208, HC_0209 – $5
3 Photos

Here are three more super hot pics from my public hiking and fucking escapades! I climb on top and ride his dick out in the open, risking other hikers walking by! Great shot of me riding reverse cowgirl, with shots from the front and back showing his cock sliding in to my wet pussy!

HC_0202 thru HC_0206 – $6
5 Photos

Here are five super hot photos from a shoot we did while hiking in the woods, and decided to make a stop and get some action in! We walked about 20 feet off of a public trail and I strip down for some amazing shots, then proceed to climb on top of my man’s cock and do some riding! You’re gonna love these!

HC_0201 – $40
21min 02sec
Oil Pool Glass Toy Play, Fingering and Huge Facial!

There’s just something I love about seeing girls get naked and oiled up, especially in 8″ heels and stuffing their ass and pussy with toys! So, why not film what I wanna see? Honestly, I love going back and watching vids of myself and fingering myself…call me narcissistic, haha! After playing with my toys in this vid, I continue to plunge my fingers into my oiled up cunt while my man films and jerks off in the background. Eventually, he just can’t take it anymore and I raise up to let him blow his load all over my face while I continue to suck his dick and let him use my face as a canvas. You just can’t go wrong cumming on a tan, oiled up girl who is ready to please and take a load! If you’re a facial lover, or just like seeing me coated, you’re gonna love this vid!

HC_0198, HC_0199, HC_0200 – $5

Final three shots of my face cum covered and sucking after taking a hot facial!

HC_0196, HC_0197 – $4

More facial shots, from a different angle! These are shot looking down at me, with his cock in my hand and an impressive load sprayed across my face!

HC_0194, HC_0195 – $4

Two more pics of me taking a shot to the face and continuing to suck with a big load dripping off!

HC_0192, HC_0193 – $4

Here are another couple of pics of me sucking cock and getting my face covered, just like you love!

HC_0190, HC_0191 – $4

Two pics of me oiled up in heels, sucking cock and taking a load to the face! One of my recent polls showed that many of you prefer facial shots, so look no further, you’re going to love these!

HC_0189 – $30
8min 36sec
Car Masturbation While Parents Are In the Front Seat!

Okay, this may be one of the craziest things I have ever done, and probably one of the most risky! So I recently went to Cocoa Beach on a family vacation…had a great time and shot some great pics and vids. I hated for the fun to end, so decided to try one more thing on the way home. I told my Mom and Dad that I was kind of tired and wanted to stretch out in the third row of the Suburban, and they thought nothing of it. What they didn’t know was that I had other plans! I waited until we were on the road for a while then let action begin! I managed to secretly play with my pussy and finger myself for a while, then figured out the road noise was enough to drown out my vibe. So I pulled it out and managed to cum a couple of times without them ever knowing. You can even hear my Mom at one point say that I’m being quiet (which is rare for me…I’m a talker), and I told her I was just chillin’ out. They had no idea I had my pants pulled down with my pussy in full view of the camera (and any truckers who happened to look down at the right time, lol). So yeah, this was most definitely a hell of a rush which made my orgasm even better! The thrill is addicting, and I’m already trying to plan my next experience!

HC_0188 – $40
22min 48sec
Hotel Fingering, Fucking & Squirting!

This footage is absolutely amazing and raw! The vid starts with a blowjob leading up to me riding on top. I then move on to using my amazing Shane Diesel dildo, and the footage and angles are simply some of the best I have produced. After that, I flip over on my knees and have the dildo rammed into my pussy, before flipping over and getting fingered and squirting…so much that I squirt into his hand and he pours it on my stomach. I then get fucked and take an epic cumshot all over my tits and stomach, a cumshot a week and a half in the making! If you like seeing me fucked and cum covered, this is a must-have set!

HC_0187 – $4

Okay guys, final cumshot pic from this series! If you have always wanted to see me taking great loads, you’ve definitely got several to add to your collection now! I love seeing the results of some fun times had, and what better way than to feel it splattered across my body?!

HC_0186 – $4

Here’s another hot-ass pic of my tits and stomach painted with a great load after I got fucked in the hotel room! The look on my face says it all in this pic!

HC_0185 – $4

You cum lovers out there have gotta be loving these pics…and this one will not let you down either! Another nice load sprayed across my tan bod, me grabbing my tits and loving it!

HC_0184 – $4

Another hot pic of me sprawled out with a huge load painted across my tits and stomach! I do look great cum covered!

HC_0183 – $4

Hot as fuck pic of me laying down and getting absolutely cum blasted!

HC_0182 – $4

Here’s a great shot of that dick sliding in to my smoothly shaved pussy, legs up and giving you an excellent view of what it’d be like to feel my cunt wrapped around you!

HC_0179, HC_0180, HC_0181 – $5

Three hot as hell pics of me having my Shane Diesel dildo pounded into my snatch, then my man fingers me until I squirt! You can see it pooling up in the palm of his hand as I soak the bed. So yeah, things got a little wet!

HC_0178 – $4

Sexy ass pic of me riding on top, straddling his cock and taking in every inch!

HC_0176 & HC_0177– $4

Here are a couple of great pics from one of my infamous hotel shoots! Great shot of me naked in heels on the bed showing off my bod, and another of me looking up at the cam with a cock in my mouth! The hotel shoots are always so hot, and made for some really high quality photos! Shady shit always goes down in hotel rooms, and these pics are proof, lol!

HC_0175 – $40
23min 10sec
Orange Dress BJ, Fuck & Facial

This was a custom vid shoot request where I’m in a cute orange dress the whole time, lifting it up to fuck. Toy play, leading into me fucking on top, with some epic close up shots of my pussy grinding down on his cock. Lots of nice moaning action. Finish off with a blowjob and facial, coating my lips and licking up every drop!

HC_0174 – $4

Another hot shot looking down, me on my knees with a load on my face and wanting more!

HC_0173 – $4

Head on view of you looking down, seeing my mouth working to get that load!

HC_0172 – $4

Pic of me in my orange dress pulled up, sitting on top and riding cock, showing you the viewed you’d see if I was fucking you!

HC_0171 – $3

Another hot pic of me kneeling over, hand wrapped around his dick and sucking like a pro!

HC_0167 thur HC_0170– $5

Four pics of me playing with my pussy in a cute orange dress and boots, plus me bent over sucking dick. Hot!

HC_0166 – $45
20min 19sec
Black Garter & Anal with Facial

You can’t go wrong with black stockings, black garter belt and 8 black heels! I start out with my black vibe, and quickly move on to pounding my snatch with the massive Shane Diesel dildo. From there, things really heat up after I slip in a vibrating butt plug, then continue to finger myself and perform some double penetration action using the dildo again. I then take a dick in my ass while riding on top, until I take it laying down. He finally pulls out, blasting his load on my face! So for all you high heel, ass-to-mouth facial fans out there, this one is for you!

HC_0165 – $4

Final pic of me laid out, freshly fucked and my cum-splattered face!

HC_0164 – $4

Another pic of me showing off that well-earned load!

HC_0163 – $4

Really, really hot pic of me with my tongue out, showing off my two tongue rings and a load of cum dripping everywhere!

HC_0162 – $4

Great pic of me with my mouth open, with his cock resting on my lips anticipating that cumshot!

HC_0161 – $4

Another hot-ass (pun intended) pic of me taking it anally, and showing off my smooth, smooth pussy!

HC_0160 – $4

Pic of me laying on my back, watching his cock slide into my ass and wanting it bad!

HC_0159 – $4

HC_0159 – $4
Another sexy pic of me in my garter gear and taking it up the ass while riding cowgirl!

HC_0158 – $4

Pic of me in high heels, black stockings and a black garter belt riding on top and taking it in the ass!

HC_0157 – $25
6min 37sec
BJ & Messy Facial

So, if you really do enjoy seeing me take it to the face, look no further! I take a great cumshot right on the face after sucking dick, letting it drip down and looking hot! All you facial fans will surely love this one, and this video has everything you know you want to see! All you longtime fans know for years you have wanted to see content like I’ve been offering, wishing it was you giving it to me. And you know I wouldn’t still be at it if I didn’t fantasize about taking it from every one of you! Can you imagine what I’d look like if I let every guy line up and just cover me in cum? Yeah, it’d be smoking hot, and I’d love every second of it!

HC_0156 – $4

One more dripping facial shot for you guys and girls out there! You can tell I love what I do, lol!

HC_0155 – $4

Here’s a hot ass pic for all you facial lovers out there! If you love seeing me take a shot to the face, this is definitely for you!

HC_0154 – $40
19min 28sec
After Foam Chat Fucking

Here’s a vid that I cam across that you’re going to love! After one of my cam sessions where I go nuts with a foam machine, we continued recording and got busy fucking. Filmed in super-high quality night-shot, my man eats me out before fucking me hard with my legs spread wide showing off my 8″ heels in the air. After he pounds away, I get on top and do one of the things I do best! We fuck until he comes deep and we finally call it night. I’ve also included the foam chat portion of the show, because it is simply too hot not to share. I drill myself with my favorite big black dildo until time to get fucked for real. You’re gonna love this vid, no doubt about it!

HC_0151, HC_0152 & HC_0153 – $5

Three more pics of me from an upcoming vid where I’m sucking cock and riding on top! Super sexy and fucking hot!

HC_0149 & HC_0150 – $4

Here are a couple of pics from an upcoming vid! Filmed in night-shot, I’m getting fucked with my legs wide and my 8″ heels in the air!

HC_0148 – $40
18min 35sec
Knoxville Cabin Toy Play, Cowgirl Riding & Tits to Cunt cumshot

A while back I rented a cabin in Knoxville, TN and filmed a hot ass vid! Lots of super sexy toy play, blowjob action and me doing one of the things I do best in life…fuck! Once I get on top, you’re gonna find it difficult not to blow your load, but hand on and it’ll be worth the wait! I ride on top, both regular and reverse cowgirl before getting on my back and taking his cock in and receviving an amazing load from my tits down to my cunt. Being the cumlover that I am, I of course have to rub it, getting it all over my hands and pussy. You’re going to love this vid, no doubt!

HC_0147 – $20
6min 52sec
Blowjob / Handjob Cum Fountain

If you like hot blowjob and handjob action look no further! In this vid I get right down to business, sucking and jerking until a cum fountain erupts in the air, making me one happy girl! There’s nothinglike seeing your skills in action, up close and personal! You’re gonna love this one!

HC_0146 – $3

Final pic of this latest series, cum on my face and using my tongue to lick it up!

HC_0145 – $3

Licking the base of his cock, slowly watching the cum make its way out!

HC_0144 – $3

Hot pic of me sucking cock and looking up at the cam!

HC_0143 – $3

Sexy pic of me wrapping my lips around his dick, slowly getting him closer to cumming!

HC_0142 – $25
21min 50sec
Baby Oil Squirt & Cumshot

Amazing vid of me doing an oil show in a pool, then moving things to the bed. There, I continue my toy play, all oiled up, then get fingered with four fingers and squirt. Then, I spread my pussy open and get blasted with a crazy huge cumshot, rubbing the cum all over my tits, stomach and pussy. One of my all-time favs, and sure to be one of yours as well!

HC_0141 – $40
15min 46sec
Fucking After a Night Out

After heading out on a Friday night, we had a few drinks and I was randomly inspired to come home and fuck with a pretty good buzz going on! Nice stripping out of my clothes sequence, solo toy play, excellent BJ scene then me fucking on top until he can’t take anymore and cums deep inside. Great full body and face views, moaning and me riding that dick like I own it! It’s a good look into a typical night after I’ve downed some vodka and had a fun night…no better way to end the day than taking a nice load!

HC_0139 & HC_0140 – $5

Two more pics of me riding, grinding my pussy down on his dick and taking it all in! The look on my face says it all!

HC_0137 & HC_0138 – $5

Couple of pics of me riding cowgirl, like the pro that I am! Moves like this come natural, and you’re gonna love seeing me leaned back while my man grabs my tits!

HC_0135 & HC_0136 – $5

Ready for more hardcore action? Here are a couple of sexy-ass pics of me sucking cock before mounting up to ride in nothing but my boots!

HC_0133 & HC_0134 – $5

Here’s a couple of pics of me getting railed by a big dildo! while I have my light-up butt plug in! These look so, so insanely hot!

HC_0131 & HC_0132 – $5

Two more pics of the fingering until I squirt in his hand! So fucking hot!

HC_0129 & HC_0130 – $5

Couple more pics of me getting finger banged, face down and ass up! If you love a freshly shaved, smooth pussy…all of these these pics are for you!

HC_0127 & HC_0128 – $5

Here are two sexy-ass pics of me getting finger blasted while on my knees and doggy style to the cam! Trust me, you’re gonna love these!

HC_0126 – $12
The Three Minute Cumshot

Filmed after a marathon ‘bate session, I’m wearing a butt plug and am going at my wet cunt with my fingers like a mad woman, lol. Lots of heavy breathing and moaning, you’re gonna love seeing me take an epic cumshot. I lay there with my legs wide, spreading my pussy open as he starts to cum and get off, literally for about three minutes. He’d been edging for this shot for about two days, and it shows! I was an absolute cum-covered mess by the end of this video, and I proceed to rub it all over my pussy and play around with it. Easily one of the biggest, messiest loads I’ve ever taken, guaranteed to get you off hard!

HC_0125 – $35
30MIN 32sec
Dildo Bate Sesh, Fingering & Cumshot

So this vid was taken during one of my epic ‘bate sessions where I rail myself with a dildo while my man watches, then I get fingered and blasted in and on my pussy with a great cumshot! There’s just always something about seeing a girl fuck her cunt then get cummed on that turns me on. And I’ve gotta say, I think you’re gonna agree!

HC_0124 – $30
13min 30seC

One of my favorite vids ever filmed! I start out with some hot toy play using my vibe and the thick Mr. Marcus dildo, driving it in my pussy and loving every inch! Excellent full body shots, ass to cam, spread…everything you’ve come to love! Then, I break out the baby oil and the real fun starts. A great blowjob kicks off the action, filmed from two different angles and combined into one hot ass video. I proceed to sink my oily pussy down on his cock giving you some great full body and closeup views of all the action. The pounding continues until he blows inside of me and I straddle him, squirting just a little…which is rare for me! If you love seeing me fucked, oiled up and cumming, you’re absolutely gonna love this video!

HC_0123 – $25
14min 04seC
Black skirt & Tank

Great vid of me using my vibrator, then moving on to a handjob, and finally hopping on and riding before his cock explodes all over my pussy…then jumping back on the cum covered dick to ride some more. Finished off by sucking it clean and not wasting a drop!

HC_0122 – $45
35min 32seC
Anal Vibe, Dildos, Fingering & Fucking

This is a smokin’ hot vid, no doubt! In this one, I start out using my vibe and play for a bit. I then insert my vibrating butt plug and continue to DP myself using the big Mr. Marcus dildo. I then slip a vibe into my ass, and continue to fuck and finger myself. After that, I go even bigger and bring out my Shane Diesel dildo, one of my most favorite ever! After more toy play and fingering, the fucking begins. I ride cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, providing some amazing full body shots! Finally, I take a massive load on my stomach and tits! A super-sexy vid and definitely a must-have for your collection!

HC_0121 – $15
6min 56seC
Cutoff Shorts & Cumming

Here’s a hot vid where I work my pussy for a while with my fingers and a vibe, before pulling my shorts back up and letting my man jerk off and cum on my ass and back while watching me play. There’s always something sexy about taking a hot load, knowing you wanna cum just looking at me!

HC_0120 – $45
24min 26seC
Cottage BJ & Fucking

I start out with some amazing solo toy play in a quaint cottage we rented, featuring an absolutely massive dildo, and then moving on to some deep, intense fingering. Fingering is a lightly used term…more like trying to get as many fingers possible into my cunt as I can! After that, I suck dick then mount up and ride cock until he explodes. The eye contact I make while looking at the cam may get you off before you’re even ready! Trust me, you’re gonna love it!

HC_0119 – $5

Clip of me riding cowgirl, looking down at you then jerking a huge load out, covering my hands and pussy in cum!

HC_0118 – $6

Short clip of me riding cowgirl and grinding my pussy like a pro, strip included, lol!

HC_0117 – $6

Short clip of me sucking cock, and hot as hell!

HC_0116 – $3

Need to see me holding a cum covered dick after riding it! Well, here ya go!

HC_0114 & HC_0115 – $5

How about a couple of pics of me riding cowgirl, and sliding down on a cock? And for you landing strip lovers, you’re in luck as well!

HC_0113 – $3

Been a bit since my last update, so who could use a random, hot blowjob pic? Look no further!

HC_0112 – $25
14min 14sec

Toy play, leading in to a nice long BJ, cumming in my mouth and continuing to suck. Super-messy cumshot that looks so fucking amazing! Then I take a toy, rub the hot cum on it and fuck myself a bit! So, so hot, you’re definitely going to want to see this one!

HC_0111 – $4

Here’s one more shot of me going down on some dick. Enjoy!

HC_0110 – $4

Hot pic of me sucking cock! No description necessary, you’re gonna love it!

HC_0109 – $35
11min 35seC
BabyOil Hand Job & Cum Blasted Bod!

Baby oil handjob vid leading into me fucking while riding on top, then me getting fucked and taking a MASSIVE cumshot on my stomach and tits.

HC_0108 – $20
4min 56sec

So I know you’ve all been loving the last few updates of pics from the 2006 BJ action! Lots of you have been asking about the vid, and the wait is over! Here is the full scene including the hot facial that I receive after sucking cock until he explodes and I lick up every drop! You’re gonna love this, guaranteed!

HC_0105, HC_0106 & HC_0107 – $8

Like the last couple of pics? Then you’re gonna love these! Three shots of the aftermath, cum dripping out of my mouth, from my hair and off of my face! The smile at the end is super hot and sexy as fuck!

HC_0104 – $3

Here’s another hot BJ pic from 2006! My lips wrap perfectly around that cock!

HC_0103 – $3

Wanna see me sucking dick for one of the first times on cam? Here’s a hot pic for ya from 2006 that you’re gonna love!

HC_0102 – $45
33min 26seC
Toys – Butt Plug – Anal POV

So, this was actually my very first anal vid, and it’s a hot one! After some vibe play in some sexy crotchless panties, I slip in a pretty large butt plug and continue to work my clit over with my toy. The real fun starts afterwards! With the plug still in, I proceed to give a hot blow job, then jump on top to fuck…so some DP action here! After that, the plug comes out and proceed to ass fuck while on top, riding regular and reverse cowgirl. I take a great cumshot to the ass, then sit back down on his cock and continue to fuck. If you’ve always wanted to see me get fucked in the ass, here’s your chance!

HC_0099, HC_0100 & HC_0101 – $5

Final three pics from this latest series, getting a cum covered cock smeared across my asshole before I lean forward giving you an amazing view of me spread out. You’re so gonna wish this was you, because you’re definitely gonna want your turn!

HC_0096, HC_0097 & HC_0098 – $5

Here are three hot pics of me fucking on top, reverse cowgirl…one getting fucked in the pussy with a butt plug in, then another of me taking a dick in my ass before he blows his load with cum dripping down! So hot!

HC_0086 thru HC_0095 – $10

This is a ten photo collection of me wearing some super sexy crotchless panties, and using a rather large butt plug while fucking my pussy with a vibe before finally sitting down on my man’s cock! And for you landing strip lovers, you’re gonna get some great views!

HC_0085 – $30
16min 10seC
Cycle Seat Dildo Ride With Fucking & Huge Cumshot

This vid is so hot, and something I’ve wanted to pull off for a long time! I’ve been taking hot yoga and cycling classes for months now, and the private rooms are perfect for filming some fucked up footage! So, I decided to sneak in a dildo and give it a ride while cycling one day! Filmed from two angles, I wore some tights that I had ripped a huge hole in the crotch, and absolutely worked my cunt over for the full length of the workout. There were only a few other people in the building, but with the clear sliding glass doors on the room, I ran the risk of getting caught…which of course made things even hotter! I placed the dildo on the spin bike seat, and took every inch into my pussy while watching the workout video on the screen in front of me. I even took time off the bike and slammed it hard and deep into my dripping wet snatch. I had a lookout, but once he couldn’t take it anymore I pulled my pants completely down, got fucked hard from behind and took a massive, thick load all over my ass and back. You’re so gonna love this vid, and if you don’t blow it before the fucking even starts I’d be amazed! Funny side note, I accidentally left the dildo in the water bottle holder and didn’t realize it until I got home! We raced back to the studio in time to get it back before the room had been booked for another session…but had someone found it, I’d have been sooooooo embarrassed, and probably lost my membership, lol. Anyway, this vid is so smokin’ hot, so do me a solid and pick it up! Thanks for your support guys & gals, love ya!

HC_0084 – $49.99
29min 21seC
Anal Vid & Creampie!

So, this is the hottest anal vid I’ve filmed thus far! I start off with some hot toy play as usual to get myself warmed up, pounding away at myself with the huge, popular Mr. Marcus dildo. I then go doggy style letting my man drive the dildo into my pussy, taking nice long, hard strokes! After I can’t take any more, I insert my jeweled butt plug to get my ass ready for what is to come! After a quick blowjob, I take it up the ass doggy style for a bit before flipping over on my back and taking even more! To finish off, I get pumped full with an anal creampie, getting filled up into it drips out! I hope this will please all you anal lovers, because I know I loved filming it!

HC_0083 – $3

Final anal pic from this series, in the act of getting pumped full with a creampie! If you wanna see the full-length vid coming soon, be sure to have auto-renewal turned on…you’ll thank yourself, trust me!

HC_0082 – $3

Here’s another crazy hot pic of me with a dick in my ass! I don’t show off my anal work often, but when I do it’s hot as fuck!

HC_0081 – $3

So I’ve had countless requests for more anal material, and who am I to deny my fans? Here’s a hot pic of me taking it up the ass from behind! The more that purchase, the more likely I am to release a full-length vid! Just a heads-up, be sure you have auto-renewal turned on or you could miss out on some of the hottest content to date!

HC_0078, HC_0079 & HC_0080 – $6

Three more hot pics of me showing off my ass to cam with a jeweled butt plug inserted, stroking a hard dick, then sucking on a cock while looking at the cam. Trust me, you’re gonna want to check these out! That look I give you will make blow!

HC_0075, HC_0076 & HC_0077 – $5

If you’re a fan of seeing me take big toys, you’re gonna love these pics! I sink my big ass Mr. Marcus dildo into my pussy before I flip to all fours and let me man pound it into my wet cunt. You’re gonna see just how deep I can take it, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve cum over these! And trust me, you will too!

HC_0074 – $35
15min 51sec

Who wants to see me get fucked and cummed on like you know I love? Look no further!
Tons of you have been loving the latest pics, so I know you’re gonna blow it hard to this video! Filmed over Halloween, I do some serious ‘bating, get my asshole fingered and even do some squirting before taking it hard and getting my pussy coated with a hot load! The sounds of me fingering my dripping wet cunt will probably put you over the top before I get railed, but hold out if ya can and it’ll be well worth your wait! One of the hottest vids I’ve posted in a while, so please be sure to check it out! Thank you all so much for your support…without you I wouldn’t still be sharing this hot ass content!

HC_0073 – $3

POV from my perspective of me getting my pussy cummed on after a round of great fucking!

HC_0071 & HC_0072 – $5

Couple of pics from my and his perspective of his cock sliding into my pussy!

HC_0070 – $3

Quick shot of me with my ass to cam, with my man sliding a finger into my asshole. Just fucking around over Halloween weekend!

HC_0068 & HC_0069 – $5

Couple of pics of me looking like a smoke show and doing my thing riding on top!

HC_0067 – $3

Need a pic of me about to get plowed? Look no further!

HC_0065 & HC_0066 – $5

Here’s a couple of hot pics of me bent over
my man, taking it from behind! What would you do if you had me bent over in front of you, face down and ass up? Enjoy!

HC_0064 – $7

Here’s a short clip of me getting fingered from behind by my man, while I’m giving a BJ to one of our friends. Figured I’d ease you guys into any 3-way action to come! This was from a sex-fueled night that was all about having a good time. And as you can tell, fun was definitely had!

HC_0061, HC_0062 & HC_0063 – $6

Final three pics of me from this series, laid out and covered with cum from tits to pussy and looking like I’m ready for another round! Every time I see these pics I can’t help but finger myself and wish for more! These are some super sexy/slutty shots (depending on how you wanna look at ’em, lol) and a definite addition you need in your collection! I literally look wet and shiny after this blast I took!

HC_0059 & HC_0060 – $5

Two more pics of me with my hands, pussy and stomach absolutely dripping with cum after I took a massive load!

HC_0056, HC_0057 & HC_0058 – $6

Three hot pics of me before and after taking an impressive cumshot to the tits and stomach!

HC_0055 – $3

Sweet pic of that dick sliding into my wet pussy! Don’t you wish it were yours?!

HC_0054 – $3

Hot fucking pic of me riding reverse cowgirl, ass and pussy towards the camera with a cock sliding right on in.

HC_0053 – $50
7min 06sec

I start off with some solo play in the tub wearing my yellow bikini, then take it to the bedroom where I work myself over with my vibe. After that, the hardcore action starts with me riding on top before getting fucked hard both doggy and missionary style. I take a huge cumshot from my pussy to my head, and everywhere in between! These private vids really give me an opportunity to do what I love…because who doesn’t like fucking and cumming?! I absolutely guarantee you are going to blow the biggest load so far with this vid! The only thing better is to have you all fucking blow your load at once all over my wet ass pussy, and fuck it into me cock after cock!

HC_0052 – $8.99

Ever wanted to see me get absolutely finger blasted and hear me cumming and moaning like crazy? This short clip is so, so fucking hot, and you’ll definitely have this one on repeat! We let one of our friends sink his fingers into my freshly waxed, oh so smooth and hairless pussy and go nuts, and from the sounds I make and the look on my face, you know I’m loving every second of it!

HC_0051 – $3

Alrighty, one last pic of me going down on that dick! I’m so glad you guys and girls are enjoying watching me attempt to stuff that fat thing in my mouth, so here ya go! One more of me playing with a new cock!

HC_0050 – $3

Like the last pic? Well you’re in luck because here’s another stuffing my mouth with dick! We know how to have a little fun as you know, and although I don’t do the hotwife thing too often, it’s always a rush! As you can tell from the pics, I’m don’t NOT like it!

HC_0049 – $3

Wanna see me wrapping my lips around a thick cock? Look no further! Just a hot ass pic that deserves to be seen!

HC_0048 – $15.99
5min 18sec

Here comes a sexy vid that was really shot just for personal reasons, but was way too hot not to share! We were fucking recently, and decided to set the cam up and film me riding and grinding. Filmed from a side view, you get to see just how I work my pussy down on his cock, driving every possible inch deep into my wet cunt. It’s a beautifully shot video where I end up taking his load deep. We debated on sharing this one since it wasn’t really filmed for public view, but it’d be a shame to keep this prime example of how I move riding cowgirl from my fans! You’re gonna wish it was your dick I was riding!

HC_0047 – $40
16min 15sec

Okay, guys…if you’ve loved the last six pics, then you’re gonna freakin’ lose it over this vid! I decided it’d be a pretty sneaky idea to take a dildo out on the deck while I was laying out and tanning my bod while my man was inside working on site updates. Little did I know he was on to me, and caught me on camera looking out our kitchen blinds as I used a vibe on my pussy before railing myself with one of my favorite dildos ever, BIG BLACK! I plunged that thing as deep as possible before finally getting on my knees to get every inch that I could! I had to be super careful because my neighbor was in his backyard doing some landscape work…if he ever saw, he didn’t mention it, lol. As I came in, my man was smiling with his dick in hand, and proceeds to essentially throat fuck me until blowing a fucking massive cumshot all over my face and tits! This one is so, so good…I’m all oiled up and horny, and honestly look pretty amazing cum-covered, lol! So check it out, you’re gonna have some fun with this one!

HC_0045 & HC_0046 – $4

The response I have received to these last couple of sets of pics has been amazing, and I’m thrilled to hear you’ve been enjoying! Here come the final two to add to your collection, and you will once again be thanking yourself again and again! So sit back and get ready to be entertained!

HC_0043 & HC_0044 – $4

If you loved the first pics from my previous posting, then you will definitely not be disappointed with these next two! More voyeuristic, cum drenched action that’ll have you blowing yet another load to me!

HC_0041 & HC_0042 – $4

This is a super hot set of pics that you’ll no doubt jerk off to on a regular basis, lol! It is a combination of me fucking myself out on my deck in the back yard, coupled with some absolutely cum covered action after a good throat fucking! I get seriously blasted, and look so fucking good dripping with his load all over my face and tits. This short series will have you wanting more, so do yourself a solid…your dick will thank you, repeatedly, lol!

HC_0040 – $35
13min 45sec

Ready for more hardcore action? This vid features me going at my pussy, grinding around and fingering while waiting to have that dick slide in! I get fucked until he couldn’t take any more, and blows one of the absolute biggest loads I’ve seen! This is fucking sexy, and you’re gonna blow it too once you see this load drench me!

HC_0039 – $3

Sweet pic of my pussy and stomach absolutely blasted in cum! So much it was actually pooling up, lol. Guaranteed pic to get you off!

HC_0037 & HC_0038 – $4

Here are a couple of pics from an upcoming vid that I know you’re gonna love! It’s just a hot fuck & ‘bate session that is all about cumming and getting off!

HC_0035 & HC_0036 – $5

Final two pics from this cum drenched mini-set!

HC_0034 – $3

Pic of me sprawled out and still cum covered!

HC_0033 – $3

Another cum blasted pic to brighten your day and make you rock hard!

HC_0032 – $3

Wanna see a pic of a load blasted on my tan bod, not to mention on my elusive landing strip? Look no further, lol! This is a quick and guaranteed way to get you off if you wanna think about sinking your cock in, then letting your cum fly all over me. And hell, if you wanna send me your own tribute, I’d love to watch you jerk it to me! Have fun…I know you will after seeing this!

HC_0031 – $45

Stripper heels, tanned bod, dick sucking, hard fucking (missionary and cowgirl) and an amazing facial! That’s what you have to look forward to in this latest Hardcore addition!
If you’ve been loving the last Hardcore pics, then you’re are definitely going to cum hard to this vid! I start off with some amazing footage of me working my pussy with my vibe until I finally need the real thing. Lots of hot blowjob action leading up to some hot, sexy fucking. I take it while on my back, giving you some incredible dick-in-pussy shots…both from his perspective, and from mine while I hold the cam and film his cock plunging in to my wet cunt! I get absolutely pounded like this until I’m ready to mount up and ride! Then it’s game on and I grind and ride like I’m possessed. As I type this, I’m having a hard time keeping my fingers out of my pussy. If you’re like me, you’ll lose it right about when I lean back, spread my legs and see my back arching while I’m cumming so, so hard! The grand finale is a hot and thick load blasted right on my face. I suck his cock clean, and eventually get to wipe the cum from my eyes.
If you’ve ever been on the fence about buying a full-length vid, let this be even more proof as to why I’ve outlasted almost virtually every other girl that started out when I did. You won’t be disappointed, and I promise you’ll be waiting for even more. Thanks for reading…and I hope this didn’t get you off before even watching!

HC_0029 & HC_0030 – $5

Okay, final two pics from this series! After some great dick sucking and fucking, I get facialized with a thick load, and love every second of it! I’m so stoked you’re all loving this hardcore content…because I love to finally be sharing it!

HC_0028 – $3

Okay, this pic makes me so wet every time I see it! Full body shot of me sitting on top, arching back and driving his dick deep inside! My legs are spread giving you a great pussy shot, and showing off my stomach and tits. You’re gonna LOVE this one!

HC_0027 – $3

Taken from my perspective, showing his cock sliding into my pussy…complete with a little landing strip for those of you who love that! I’m spread wide about to get drilled!

HC_0026 – $3

Next up, another pic…just the tip, just to see how it feels, haha! I’m spread wide with his dick just entering into my wet cunt. My fingers spreading my pussy and showing off my hood piercing.

HC_0025 – $3

Here’s one more pic of me sucking cock…you know you love it!

HC_0024 – $3

Okay, I’m pretty excited about releasing this upcoming series of pics! Here’s a sweet dick-sucking pic to kick things off. You’re gonna love these, so be sure to grab ‘em all as they are released! The more that purchase, the faster I’ll let these become available!

HC_0023 – $10

Wanna see me get cummed on while I’m ‘bating and watching porn? Then you’re in luck! This clip shows me sprawled out watching porn on my phone and working my pussy with a vibe while my man jerks it and cums on my tits and face. I love getting covered, and it shows in this vid! If you’re looking to add even more of me to your collection, don’t miss out on this latest addition!

HC_0022 – $20

Here’s another blowjob vid from a few years ago for you dick sucking and cum loving fans! Like my other, this was filmed publicly on the beach with others not too far away and ends in him exploding on my hands and face! With my tits out and tanned bod in view, I proceed to suck until there is nothing left but a smile on my face! You’re gonna love it!

HC_0021 – $3

Full body shot of me naked, covered in sweat, sitting cowgirl on top of my man’s dick, and taking in every inch!

HC_0020 – $5

So, a whole lot of you have been curious to see a full-body vid of me fucking on top. Well here is a short 8sec clip of me fingering myself while WATCHING myself on tv do what I do best…ride cock like I fucking own it. This will get you off, without a doubt. So get comfy, you’re gonna cum to this!

HC_0019 – $45
17min 44sec

Oiled Up Bod, Huge Pussy Filling Dildo, Garter Belt & Fishnets, Sucking, Fucking & Massive Cumshot!
Now that I probably have your attention, lol…
Okay guys and gals, here is what so many have been waiting for. Here is extended length, hardcore footage of me sucking and fucking. If you love seeing me covered in oil, wearing a garter belt, fishnets, 8” stripper heels and absolutely cum-blasted, you’re gonna love this. I start out drilling my pussy with a huge black dildo, then it spirals into total slut action from there. This vid is from my vast xxx archive that was previously only available to my very long term site members, and it was $300. So grab this one before I change my mind…because once you see it, it’ll blow yours (pun intended)!

HC_0018 – $4

Here’s a bomb ass pic of me about to impale myself on a rock hard cock. Just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels. Spoiler, it was amazing, lol! You know you wish this was your dick with my pussy about to slide down and pound away! So yeah, enjoy!

HC_0017 – $10
2min 30sec

Ever wanted to see me take a pretty massive facial? Well, here’s your chance! Watch me take a load right on my glasses, and get my face absolutely glazed after I do a little ‘bating. This is definitely a must-see addition to my hardcore list!

HC_0016 – $5

Here’s another sexy shot of me riding on top, absolutely drenched in sweat and showing off my tits and abs. I’m loving sharing all of this with you, and can’t wait to keep it going with more and more! Thanks for your support!

HC_0015 – $5

This is hot as fuck, and another excellent tease of things to come! Twenty-four second video preview of me riding reverse cowgirl, absolutely pounding away on my mans dick! So, so fucking sexy!

HC_0014 – $3

Preview pic from an upcoming video. Sexy profile shot of my bod laid out on top of my man, wearing some hot tube socks and nothing else!

HC_0013 – $5

Bangin’ hot pic of me sitting balls deep on top of his cock, leaned back showing off my smokin’ bod!

HC_0012 – $5

Hardcore pic 012 I’ve got my ass up in the air, facing the cam, while hovering over my man’s cock.

HC_0011 – $5

Hardcore pic 011 is a pic of me using a big black dildo, while my man’s dick is in the pic waiting his turn.

HC_0010 – $20

Hardcore ten is my first publicly released hardcore video, Public Beach Blowjob and Cumshot. It’s a short vid filmed at the beach where I gave a bj on the beach about 100 yards away from other folks.

HC_0009 – $5

This photo is so smokin’ hot! After the gloryhole bj, I let him watch me finger and get myself off, then blow his load all over my stomach and
tits. Fire as fuck!

HC_0008 – $5

Hardcore pic eight is of me sucking cock at the gloryhole! Yeah, you’re gonna love seeing this!

HC_0007 – $5

Hardcore pic seven is a pic of me showing off my two tongue rings while licking my man’s dick!

HC_0005 & HC_0006 – $8

Hardcore pics five and six are a couple of blowjob pics from the same above session, and the come as a pair.

HC_0004 – $5

Photos one through four are me riding cowgirl on top while fucking! These are officially the first hardcore items that I have ever publicly released, and I think you’ll enjoy everything that is to come!

HC_0003 – $5

Photos one through four are me riding cowgirl on top while fucking! These are officially the first hardcore items that I have ever publicly released, and I think you’ll enjoy everything that is to come!

HC_0002 – $5

Photos one through four are me riding cowgirl on top while fucking! These are officially the first hardcore items that I have ever publicly released, and I think you’ll enjoy everything that is to come!

HC_0001 – $5

Photos one through four are me riding cowgirl on top while fucking! These are officially the first hardcore items that I have ever publicly released, and I think you’ll enjoy everything that is to come!

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