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PF_0048 – $10.99
Public Park Tiny Skirt Walk Video
6min 43sec

So here is it, the full vid of my tiny plaid skirt public park walk! Over the years I’ve had tons of requests to see me actually walking around in full-on slut gear, and I gotta say it does look amazingly hot! Especially when I chose to do it out in public with the risk of being caught. You’ll see the sidewalk and houses in the background, showing that I truly am out in the wild, haha! Walking around in a barely-there skirt and stripper shoes, flashing my ass and tits is certainly a crazy way to liven up the evening! Even if you aren’t in to public stuff, you’re defintely gonna want to check out this vid…because I do look fucking hot, if I say so myself!

PF_0044 thru PF_0047 – $6
Public Park Tiny Skirt Walk Pics 02
4 Photos

Here’s the second and last set of pics from my tiny skirt park walk, showing off my bangin’ body, walking around like a total slut at the risk of being caught! You’re gonna love the ass and tit shots, revealing just how much I was not wearing out in public. It’s always a rush knowing someone could walk up at any time, but that’s the name of the game when you pull off something like this!

PF_0040 thru PF_0043 – $6
Public Park Tiny Skirt Walk PIcs 01
4 Photos

Here is a badass public set that I’ve been holding on to for a while, but figured it is way too hot not to go ahead and share! Late one night we figured it’d be a brilliant (risky, lol) idea to go out to the public park trail-way and have some fun. Once we got there, I revealed that I was wearing thigh-high stockings, brought my tall stripper shoes, a tiny plaid skirt and a tiny top. I walked around, thankfully not being spotted by anyone else out there taking a stroll. If you are in to public stuff, you’re definitely gonna want to see this series!

PF_0039 – $15.99
Public Beach Squirting Vid
3min 6sec

Loved the beach squirting pics? Then you’re gonna really blow it over the vid! There’s nothing quite like the rush of doing something you know you probably shouldn’t, but do it anyway! As I described in the previous pics, I spread it all out and work my pussy over until I am ready to blow and squirt! The puddle I leave behind says it all, so sit back and enjoy the rush with me as I get myself off while others are walking around the beach oblivious to the filth I am producing for you all, haha!

PF_0032 thru PF_0038 – $8
Public Beach Squirting 6 Photos

So obviously, I have a thing about loving to squirt in public on beaches, lol! On my latest vacation, we found a pretty secluded beach and I just couldn’t resist myself. It wasn’t too crowded, so I took the opportunity to spread out and get myself off! There were plenty of people around that could see if they had been paying attention, and if they ever see these pics I bet they wish they had! I lay out, spread my legs and finger myself until I start soaking the sand, haha! For all of you public display lovers, this is gonna be your thing, trust me!

PF_0032 – $15.99
1min 09sec

If ya liked the pics, you’re gonna love the vid! It’s a short one, but man does it get wet fast! As stated in the pic description, we came in off the beach a little before the rest of my family and figured why not make it memorable? I take off my bikini bottoms, and absolutely soak one of the decks at the house we were staying at. If anyone had walked up early, they would have gotten quite a show! I had been out on the beach all day girl watching, and it’s obvious I just couldn’t take it anymore, lol. This is an amazing vid, guaranteed to get you off, fast!

PF_0031 – $10.99 
40 Photos
CocoA Beach Public Deck Squirt Pics

So, it has been a while since I’ve posted any Public content, but these pics are gonna make a lot of you happy! After a day out on the beach, and before my family headed back up to the house, we made it a point to take some pics of me squirting outside and on one of the decks. If you are a fan of my tanned bod, new tattoos and squirting outdoors and in public, you’re gonna love these!

PF_0030 – $19.99
37min 43seC
Car Ride Flashing & Fingering

One more quick clip of me fucking myself with my dildo in a public bathroom. There’s just something that gives you a huge rush to know that strangers are right outside the door, waiting to come in…and I’m recording some filth. Gotta love it!

PF_0029 – $8
1min 16seC
Public Bathroom Dildo Fuck 02

One more quick clip of me fucking myself with my dildo in a public bathroom. There’s just something that gives you a huge rush to know that strangers are right outside the door, waiting to come in…and I’m recording some filth. Gotta love it!

PF_0028 – $8
1min 36seC
Public Bathroom Dildo Fuck 01

After riding around in the car, we stopped by a bar for a few drinks…which turned into many drinks. So, I took myself to the bathroom to record a quick clip of me showing off my bikini and fucking my pussy in front of the sink with the dildo I had in the car. I couldn’t get away with it for long, but it was a fun time!

PF_0027 – $5

Final pic of me fucking myself in the car, with my foot up on the dash!

PF_0026 – $5

Another pic of me in the car, using a dildo, with my leg pulled up giving you a great view (and a few guys in a truck at a traffic light, lol)!

PF_0025 – $5

Here’s a pic of me riding around in the car, using a dildo, lol! I had it with me, so figured why not?

PF_0024 – $30
26min 23seC
Public Pool Flashing, Pussy Play
& Masturbation

*Audio Advisory – The water spalshing and movement underwater can get kind of loud, so take it easy the first time through, lol!

It has been a while since my last flashing update, so here’s a hell of a one to catch up with! I’d had a few drinks one night and decided to stop by a local pool and have some fun. I didn’t have a bikini with me, so I just stripped down out of my jean shorts and tank top in front of everyone to my bra, panties and thigh-high socks I had on. The iPhone we used to film had an underwater case on, so I figured what better time to get some crazy footage for you all. I swim around for a bit, giving ya some great underwater shots of me moving around, then move on to getting a little more daring. After a few more Land Sharks, I said fuck it and started pulling my panties off and bra up. There were several other guys at the opposite end of the pool, and as discrete as I thought I was being I realized they were on to my little exposition. At that point I didn’t care anymore and just kept putting on a little show for everyone. They were awfully quiet for about 20 minutes after they saw me topless, but I heard zero complaints. I eventually took one of the bottles and used it underwater as a make shift dildo for a bit…again, no complaints, lol. Once they realized I was done, they began packing up and went on their way. Luckily I’ve not heard anything from anyone about being banned from the pool area, so I think that means everyone had a great night. If you’ve never purchased any of my Public Flashing content, this is definitely one you’re gonna want to add to your collection!

PF_0023 – $20
3min 11sec

Okay guys and girls, this was a pretty risky video I did, and it was so fucking hot! Seeing so many hotties walk up and down the beach I was getting super wet and horny, and I figured what the hell…why not rub one out? There were a couple of girls next to us with bangin’ bods and next-to-nothing bikinis, so I set up the cam and started fingering myself while I was looking at ‘em! One of them came closer as she was playing around in the surf and I fucking lost it and squirted, lol! I didn’t intend on that happening, but it was such a rush and I came SO hard. And I guarantee you will too! You’re gonna love this almost as much as I loved soaking my towel!

PF_0022 – $12
9min 19sec

If you’ve been loving the car wash pics, then you’re definitely gonna want the vid! Hot, wet girls just always look like they’re ready to have some fun, don’t ya think? This was a fun video to film, and I think it shows! The see-thru shirt, daisy dukes and toplessness are just an added bonus. Enjoy!

PF_0020 & PF_0021 – $4

FHere are a couple more pics from the car wash, and they are sexy as fuck. Topless and soaking wet is definitely a good look for me. You’re only cheating yourself by not checking these pics out, lol!

PF_0019 – $3

Another wet & topless pic from the car wash shoot! If you’re not checking these pics out, you don’t know what you’re missing! Stuff like this is what Katie’s World was built on!

PF_0018 – $3

Here comes some wet and sexy new content for you Public lovers! Who doesn’t love some good car washing fun? This is a smokin’ hot pic of me soaked and topless wearing some cut off shorts and boots…for real, I’ve cum hard to this series as well, so I know you will too!

PF_0017 – $3

Okay, final state line flashing gif…saved my fav for last! Gotta say, my abs are bangin’ in this one. I’d definitely‘ ‘bate to this one. Okay, I HAVE ‘bated to this one. No shame, lol. Enjoy!

PF_0016 – $3

One more gif from my state line flashing! I really had fun showing off during this, and oddly enough a lot of really nice guys were waving and honking as they drove by. Southern hospitality and all, lol.

PF_0013, PF_0014 & PF_0015 – $4

Three gifs from my Alabama/Tennessee state line public flashing shoot. Pretty cute and sexy, if I do say so myself!

PF_0012 – $4

Okay, so this is one of the hottest things I’ve done so far in public, and it was such a rush! I headed out to a local bar, and wore my little green dress that is super high cut with no panties. I spread my legs and start playing with my pussy under the table, with people visible in the background. You get a clear shot of all the action, and knowing that I could’ve been caught had me so fucking wet. I’ve got even more to share from this series, so let me know what you think. If you’ve been on the fence about my Public Flashing content, I think this will put you over the edge!

PF_0010 & PF_0011 – $4

Recently went to visit a national attraction, and decided to give a couple of tit flashes just for the thrill of it! Thanks to you all who are enjoying the public stuff. Plenty more to come!

PF_0009 – $3

If you enjoyed my last public flashing addition, you’ll love this one as well! I’m in a public park showing off my butt plug while wearing a barely-there bikini and ridiculously short skirt. I had to be super careful with all the people around, but it was definitely worth the rush of showing off in public!

PF_0008 – $3

Okay, I know, I know…for some of you public flashing just isn’t your thing. But trust me, you’re gonna want to check this out. I wore a seriously TINY thong bikini to a local park, dressed in an equally tiny skirt and black knee socks. I laid my ass out, and spread my legs to reveal the butt plug I have stuffed in my ass! I had to be super careful, but oh my god I was so fucking horny. I ended up cumming seven or eight times that day laying there. So if you say flashing and public stuff isn’t for you, then trust me and check this out!

PF_0003 thru PF_0007 – $7

FThese photos are sold as a package, and include more of me flashing my tits on the side of the road at the Alabama-Tennessee state line! Pretty
cute, if I say so myself!

PF_0002 – $4

Very cool set of topless photos taken eighteen years apart on the Alabama/Tennessee state line, in pretty much the exact same spot. I think you’ll be shocked at how similar they look!

PF_0001 – $3

Flashing pic taken while out walking one night. I ended up completely lifting up my dress and hoodie and showing it all!

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